Miss Clawdy

Miss Clawdy

Celine: Pulled pork with green apple cabbage slaw and micro coriander taco; jambalaya; Cuban Po Boy & trim flat white.
The Place – Is relaxed and comfortable.
The Food – The pulled pork taco was flavourful and refreshing with the apple cabbage slaw which added a bit of tanginess to the pulled pork. I really loved the Jambalaya. It is the perfect comfort food with warm spicy rice, andouille sausages, chicken and plump prawns. It is quite spicy and definitely in the medium category for me. The Po Boy was also really tasty with pulled pork, cheese and caramelised onions partying together in a toasted sub. I was definitely one happy hunter at Miss Clawdy. (Just a warning though for non-mustard fans, the mustard is quite heavy in the Po Boy.)

Melanie: snapper ceviche w coconut, tomato, red onion, shallots coriander; ya ya gumbo with prawns, crab, andouille sausage; chargrilled baby kumara, macadamia nut crumble, orange oil parsley; Miss Clawdy slaw.
The Place – Very friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.
The Food – I haven’t had a ceviche with coconut before, so was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The snapper was delicious and worked well with the coconut. But do squeeze in the lemon provided as it does need that slight bite for an extra kick. The gumbo was amazing – perfectly cooked prawns and crab, and the andouille sausage was nothing short of YUM. The Miss Clawdy slaw was also a nice accompaniment to the gumbo, adding a bit of freshness and slight difference with bits of sliced apple throughout. My favourite of the night, the baby kumara. Soft, sweet and so flavourful with the macadamia nut crumble; good things come in small packages.

Rating: 4/5
We can see Miss Clawdy becoming one of our regular spots. It’s the type of food that will always satisfy. Simple but soulful. You can also sit and watch the live action as the chefs prepare meals. They’re also pretty friendly, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation when they’re taking a bit of a breather.

It is a walk-in restaurant, so be warned that you may have to arrive early on Friday and Saturday nights to avoid a long wait to be seated.

Coffee: Volt
T6/12 Jellicoe St,
North Wharf, Auckland CBD

Knives and forks at the ready,
The Hungry Hunters

3 thoughts on “Miss Clawdy

    • We’re both on a bit of a health kick at the moment so have eliminated sugary treats from our diet, hence the absence of desserts! But we have tried the desserts in past visits. The eggnog is a standout, coupled with the rhubarb and apple cobbler is an amazing experience in itself. The cinnamon beignets with butterscotch sauce are also a good way to end a meal, though I’d recommend sharing that platter of sweet doughy goodness!

      • I agree whole heartedly! I visited Miss Clawdy as a group of 5 ladies so we got one of each dessert and shared the bounty. I was happy with just 1 beignet. A whole plate would have been too much. The key lime meringue was my favourite.

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